Square range training sucks...

We are here to free you from the dimly lit cinder block prison you normally train in. Take your training to the environments you will actually need to operate in, anytime, anywhere. Our targets are durable, lightweight, & compact; enabling you to bring a full synthetic shoot-house with you anywhere. 

Seamless Synthetic Training

We produce the best real-world synthetic training targets available in the market. We believe that the best environment to train in is the one you have access to. ATLAS targets are designed to provide flexible and effective training no matter your personal starting point. Whether you are just starting with the fundamentals of firearm training, or are a seasoned veteran of weapon manipulation; The ATLAS remains a valuable training tool. 

Synthetic training compliments live-fire training, enabling users to multiply their overall yearly training several fold without increasing ammunition expenditure. Training with synthetic systems enables users to train in environments where live fire training would not be possible. Practicing movement based skills, teamwork, close quarters techniques, etc, in a comfortable environment allows trainees to focus on other skillsets like recoil management when performing live-fire training.

We focus on gamification of core firearm training techniques to make synthetic training enjoyable while maintaining steady skill improvement. Built-in wireless mesh networking means our targets can be deployed in an array of complex environments to push your skills further. Create a shoot-house, practice competition stages, augment your workout; Indoors, Outside, Anywhere.

Intelligent Sensor Array

With over 20 distinct detectors across 3 zones the ATLAS-SIL can provide challenging training to even seasoned operators. Paired with an adaptive full color ring display this target is ready for whatever mission you are training for.

Secure Mesh Network

Deploy up to 50 targets per sub-network to create building-wide training scenarios. Track performance and control scenarios from any mobile device. Randomize scenarios to make sure each run-through is unique.

Integrated Battery

USB-C Fast Charging to ensure you are always ready to train. With ample battery life for all-day training sessions. For static installations targets can be powered entirely through USB.

High Definition Audio

The On-Board speaker provides prompts, shot feedback, or creates a multi-dimensional sound stage to enhance situational training. Control the ambient sound stage from any mobile device.

Your Training, Your Rules

Equipped with an array of training modes out of the box to get you started right away. Fully adjustable to fit seamlessly into your existing training methods. Expanded controls through our mobile app to create customized drills to bring your training to the next level. 

Works through paper targets to blend in with whatever targets you are used to. Or leave the paper targets off and go commando, we don’t judge.

Training modes can be randomized for each run, giving you the freedom to set-up once and change the scenario to keep you on your toes. Easily attaches to any standard tripod or hang directly to the wall. Whether you plan to use our targets on-the-go or permanently set up; your training environment will be ready whenever you are.    

NVG Compatible

Optional IR Subsystem

Thermal Compatible

Optional Thermal Subsystem

Launching Soon!

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